Sociology Optional

Sociology Optional


When the question arises to choose a subject among the 51 optional subjects for IAS Mains examination, Sociology, because of its high scoring abilities always tops the list. As a matter of fact, for the last few years, Sociology has emerged as one of the highest scoring subjects in Mains examination. It is noteworthy that candidates securing among top 15 positions, 3-4 of them have chosen Sociology as an optional.

In mains examination, two papers are held for the optional subject of 250 marks each. Candidates, who score above 182 marks are considered good scorers. Most of the time questions related to pioneering contribution to society, social change, political system, educational system, marriage, family are likely to be asked. Students have to quote famous sociologists to make the answers factual, informational and impressive.

Aspirants with the study of society can easily relate to the subject and with consistent hard work can score high marks in the subject. When one chooses Sociology as an optional, it also helps him or her in essay paper for writing on any social issue. Though Sociology is a scoring subject, it doesnbt mean that you can go easy with it and expect to get good marks. Mains examination requires a lot of hard work with an effectual strategy no matter how hard or easy the subject is and irrespective of the quantity of the syllabus, dedicated approach is required and the same can be said for Sociology. No one wants to miss his or her chance by misjudging and misunderstanding any subject, and we, at EmpowerIAS bust the myths and clear the misunderstandings of the aspirants regarding Sociology.

At Empower IAS we, having considered the popularity of Sociology as a scoring optional, plan to arrange special sessions for Sociology. We have renowned and experienced Sociology teachers on board who with a proper strategy and approach help you cover the topics and teach you how to write answers as per the requirements of UPSC to get maximum marks. Here, we help you to focus on the relevant topics and teach you to write answers in the best manner by quoting famous sociologists. We are here to help you in letting you know how to study smartly. For instance, Sociology proves to be a good option as while studying for Sociology we can also cover some topics of Ethics and Essay papers!

So, if you chose Sociology as your optional subject in your Mains examination, Empower IAS is determined to get you good results with our pre-determined strategy, cohesive study material combined with your determination and hard work.

Fee Structure

Sociology Optional Class- (Duration: 3 & 1/2 Months)


Offline- 31999/- including GST

Online- 24999/- including GST



Sociology Crash Course- (Duration: 45 Days)


Offline- 24999/- including GST

Online- 21999/- including GST


Course Structure

Each and every topic will be covered in a precise manner with detailed discussion of UPSC previous year questions. 


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