Polity and Governance (G.S.PAPER 2)

Polity is considered a very valuable as well as a crucial topic in the whole civil service examination process be it prelims, mains or interview and it proves to be highly useful resource for reference even after getting the appointment as a civil servant. In prelims, paper is formed from a significant number of questions on Polity, Constitution and Governance etc. In mains examination General Studies Paper 2 which is titled as Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice, and International Relation, consists of 250 marks. In this paper questions related to constitutional rights, duties, responsibilities, grievance redress, mechanism, accountability of other organizations like NGOs, government offices etc. are asked.

In interview, many questions related to polity or administration problems are put up. Knowledge of this paper will also help you while performing your duties as a civil servant. So it is quite obvious that this paper holds a very important place when it comes to the preparation for the exam.

Many students, especially from the non-humanitarian educational background, find this subject hard to deal with. Some students find the syllabus too wide and face a lot of difficulties to cover the whole syllabus. Do you really think it is worth and even possible to learn all 395 articles with all parts and amendments? Is this technique really going to help? The answer is, no. This approach is not taking you anywhere. Right approach and right strategy are what an aspirant needs to cover all the vital parts of the syllabus. One needs to be focused, determined and disciplined to crack this paper.

At EmpowerIAS, our subject matter experts with their highly specialized knowledge of the subject help you through this. They will guide you to cover the whole syllabus in minimum time with a systematic approach without any frustration and panic. We distribute the broad syllabus into different units so that aspirants can study each unit systematically and thoroughly. Our subject matter experts have the ability to make the long chapters interesting and understandable. With proper analyzing techniques, you will be able to grasp important and valuable content easily.

Some students who think polity is an uninteresting subject will definitely have to change their mindset after attending our highly interactive classes. It is important to note that mugging up never helps, our expert teachers will help you practice things in such a way that you will find every topic easy to understand. Keeping the wide syllabus of this paper in mind we arrange classes of the current affair, writing practice and revision sessions and you must know that writing and revision are the keys to crack the paper. So, do not worry if you find polity difficult, here at Empower IAS, we will make it easy, interesting and cohesive to enable you to score really well.