Philosophy Crash Course

Philosophy Crash Course


Philosophy is an outstanding optional for civil services (mains) examination which has been instrumental in the success story of countless civil services aspirants in the last decade. As a matter of fact, it causes minimum burden on an aspirant due to its limited scope of syllabus and, at the same time, it is much more rewarding than most other popular optionals. Any beginner can prepare it in a span of less than three months and can easily fetch sixty percent marks. Infact, its syllabus is roughly two third of popular optionals like public administration, sociology, anthropology and less than half of  popular optionals like geography, history and political science. Candidates who have philosophy optional also have a huge advantage in ethics paper(paper-4) of General studies as almost 60% of the syllabus of this paper is directly taken from the subject matter of philosophy including the case studies.

As far as the subject matter of philosophy is concerned it generates massive interest in any mind which is inquisitive about the fundamental questions of human existence, the nature of reality, the questions regarding human values and ethics. One gets an opportunity to delve into all prominent philosophical schools of western and indian philosophy. Its a great learning experience especially about how the greatest minds in human history have attempted to answer the fundamental questions of human life, the nature of reality, human values and morality and most importantly, about the purpose and meaning of one's own life. Therefore, owing to its characterstic of generating a natural intellectual interest and curosity one never finds it boring or mundane even if one's preparation phase extends to 3-4 years.

However, along with interest in the optional, the other singlemost reason to choose an optional is its scorability. And UPSC's official data reveals that philosophy has been consistently producing one of the highest range of marks in Civil services(mains) exam the last ten years. The only prerequisites are in-depth conceptual clarity and good answer writing skills. Here at Empower IAS our main emphasis is not only to make philosophy optional highly interesting and enriching but also to ensure that our each and every candidate fetches more than 60% marks by our rigorous and intensive focus on polishing their answer writing skills. There will be an answer writing practice session at the end of our daily classes and personal attention will be given to weed out the loopholes and lacunae of each candidate. Not to mention, once your answer writing perfection is attained through our rigorous answer writing sessions, 300 marks in philosophy is not a far cry. More than 250 model answers will be discussed during the course through post-test discussions and daily answer writing. We guarantee that the 250 model questions along with our class notes would directly address every single question in your Civil Services optional paper.

Thats why, if you choose philosophy as your optional and be a part of the assured success model of Empower IAS, you are almost at the verge of fulfilling your most cherished dream.

Fee Structure

Course Fees : 40,000 + GST

Course Structure

Course Duration: 4 months

Class duration: 2 hr 30 minutes. Classes would be 5 days/week

Course starts: 12 Nov 2019

Course Includes: Interactive lectures(offline and online), class notes, value-added material, Test series with 12 tests and detailed discussions


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