A recent study of previous years papers shows that current affairs retain an important place in civil service exam and it is also noticed that weightage given to questions related to current affairs is increasing. Current affairs plays a major role in prelim as well as in all four General Studies papers in mains exam. So, almost every aspirant knows the importance of reading newspapers. But just going through or scanning every page of different newspapers is not going to help unless proper guidance is sought from experts. It is very crucial to know which newspaper to read and how to read- to grasp important and relevant information.


It is essential for those who want to ace this exam to know how to analyze important news. Thatbs why EmpowerIAS brings you a newspaper analysis class to help you out with this.




  • We offer classes twice a week for newspaper analysis where we categorize news according to their importance for prelim and mains papers.
  • Our news analysis covers all major newspapers like The Hindu, The Indian Express, Business Standard and others.
  • We also discuss the editorials of these newspapers which help aspirants to come up with their own point of view on particular topics helping them to build their analytical skills.
  • Our newspaper analysis imparts time management skills and aspirants are able to laser-target their current affair preparation
  • Current affairs is a very crucial part of General studies papers, hence we categorize news for each paper
  • Writing practice is also conducted in the class to let aspirants know how to express their thoughts on various topics