No General Studies paper is ever complete without questions from history. History is the most important subject in Civil Service Exam preparation too. If one scrutinizes a few previous yearsb papers, it can be easily noticed that at least 15-20% of prelim papers consist of questions from history. Not only in prelims, but the subject has played a major role in mains exam too. In General Studies Paper 2 (Indian Heritage and Culture, History, and Geography of the World and Society) the number of questions which are asked from history sometime close to 100 marks and even more than that. Knowledge and good preparation of history also help the aspirants in Essay paper. In a nutshell, History remains a crucial subject in the preparation of civil service exam.

History is a wide subject and aspirants usually get puzzled how to get ready for it. Indian History, World History, Freedom Movement, Freedom Fighters, Sangam Age, Gupta Age, Mughal Empire and numerous topics of History makes the aspirants confused- where to start and how to go about it. Sometimes aspirants waste a huge amount of time in preparing some of the unimportant topics due to their lack of knowledge. Thatbs why a proper guidance and the right approach is essential for this preparation. Only a balanced and comprehensive fusion of hard work and persistence along with right strategy and guidance by experts can enable aspirants to pass the exam with a good score.

Here at EmpowerIAS we divide the whole syllabus into different segments according to their importance and the rate of frequency in which questions have been asked in the exam for the last few years. This helps aspirants to focus on the important topics only and they are also able to finish the syllabus on time. It also gives them ample time for revision and makes them confident to take the exam.

We provide factual as well as concept base knowledge in our classes so that aspirants may get prepared for both prelims and mains. Our subject matter experts provide only important and useful information to save the valuable time for aspirants. They also share invaluable information about the books which can be useful for extensive preparation. Our mentors help the candidates to read, re-read, practice, write and revise which make their foundation strong in the subject.

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