General Studies is an extremely dynamic component in the entire scheme of Civil Services Examination. It deals with diverse subject matter that is constantly evolving in tune with new developments. Through the constant effort of the EMPOWER Team, GS Course has been upgraded and enriched in response to the rapidly changing needs. Through its unique, step-wise and scientific approach, EMPOWER IAS has near perfected the Civil Services requisites for General Studies. A good grounding in General Studies through increased emphasis on regular Tests and Home Assignments, will boost confidence and develop overall personality. We expect you to fully participate in the activities designed for your learning and transformation.

GS Foundation is an integrated General Studies programme for IAS Main and Preliminary Examinations. The entire programme is designed in a way that the knowledge imparted can be path-breaking for every participant. It covers the syllabi of all 4 papers of GS Main, Essay and Interview as well as both papers of Preliminary Examination. The course plan has especially been developed keeping in mind the needs of learners who are not exposed to the various facets of General Studies as part of their academic curriculum at the graduate and post-graduate levels.