Economics is a significant and relevant part of General Studies paper III in IAS Mains examination. Many aspirants, who do not have Economics background, are puzzled how to prepare for this paper. We, at Empower IAS have subject experts on board, to guide you right through the basics of Economics and help you to score good marks in the subject.


It is seen that many students opine that the economy section of the newspaper is all about numbers related to GDP, fiscal deficit, CRR, SLR and therefore, they read multiple books at a time and get more puzzled by seeing a lot of numbers and data. Well, therebs more to the subject that needs a great understanding. There are several topics that need guidance such as bAdvanced Macro Economicsb, bAdvanced Micro Economicsb, bMoney Banking and Financeb, bInternational Economicsb and bGrowth and Developmentb. Other topics included in the Economics paper are bIndian Economy in Pre-Independence Erab and bIndian Economy after Independence Erab.


Here at EMPOWER IAS we clear all the doubts of the aspirants and make them confident to write the exam. Our expert teachers who are aware of the pattern and types of questions asked in the UPSC exam start with explaining the basic concepts and terms and then go to other complex topics gradually. They will guide you at every step of this journey of yours and teach you methodologies to grasp and understand the subject and how to master it for the examination. Our study material comprises a comprehensive strategy and logical approach to preparing Economics for G.S paper III.


Our teachers will explain every term of Economics as it has been asked in UPSC examination for the last several years. We will cover fundamentals of basic Economics, related concepts of Economics and current economic policies and situation which are going to reap the rewards for you. Our trained teachers will cover the syllabus before the given time so that you will have enough time for the revision, doubt clearing and practice. Once the basic concept is understood, you wonbt be facing difficulty in understanding the subject as a whole. Remember that Economics is a logical and rational subject and if it is studied with a scientific approach, it will surely help you score the maximum marks.


So it is time to clear your doubts about Economics and come to us for the right guidance and help and get focused towards the success you aspire for.