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Hello, Dear IAS Aspirants or in other words the most responsible and courageous people as you have the courage, confidence, skill and power to show the society that you care for it , want to work for it and for that you are working tirelessly. I really appreciate your choice of career as this not the easy one and this is something which sets you apart from the crowd and puts you on a pedestal.

At EmpowerIAS, we help you achieve your dreams and aspirations by creating a supportive and motivating learning environment with strong emphasis on ethics. Let me assure you that we are there for you and with you at every step you take towards your dream. Here, we can assure you of the right guidance which if accompanied with your hard work, will prove to be an excellent combination and definitely bear the fruit of success. I am also pretty confident that this preparation will not only enhance you intellectually but also make you a better person individually.

We believe that learning is never a one sided affair. In our opinion, learning gives its best results with equal participation of the student and mentor to achieve the desired results. We have adopted interactive methods of teaching making learning and understanding of concepts easy and give students the opportunity to voice their opinions, which to us, as a learning institute is equally important and valuable.

We have highly qualified staff that have years of experience, expertise and skills to deal with all the topics and related problems. Our content and study material meets all the criteria and standards set by UPSC and we continuously evolve it to make it up to the mark. We have all the advanced technological tools to make the learning process easy and modern. Our test series and feedback system are quick and effective which make you more alert and highly prepared in your approach towards the IAS exam- considered one of the toughest in the country.

You are here to gain and upgrade your knowledge and we are here to help you in your preparation to clear the UPSC exam in minimum attempts. Let's work together towards a better future of yours as well as of society and country at large! 

Welcome to the institute! Wish you all the best in your journey from being an IAS aspirant to becoming an IAS officer!

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