Letting aspirants know how to gear up for Civil Services Examination

Every achievement starts with a desire to succeed but desire in isolation cannot give you the desired success. To gain the success you have to work hard and smart with three D’s – Determination, Dedication, and Discipline. When a person decides to attempt the UPSC exam, initially he or she has numerous doubts, confusion, and questions in mind. How to prepare? What to prepare? When to start? How much time is enough for the preparation? Which subject to choose to get the maximum marks? What strategies will prove most beneficial and many other questions hover over the brain. At this point, an expert help is needed to navigate the mind towards the route of success.

We at EmpowerIAS are aware of candidates’ dilemma and therefore arrange a special session for our students to discuss their goals and strategies. In this session, we try to cover every detail from application to the appointment.

We have renowned subject experts as our visiting faculty who share their knowledge with the IAS aspirants. The experts try to clear confusion and answer queries related to different subjects, exam components, exam pattern etc. They help the students to make effective strategies for the preparation and let them know how to overcome any difficulty which they might encounter in their preparation process. A detailed discussion is conducted to prioritize things which seem to be tangled in the beginning. The experts share the significance of solving previous years’ papers and tests. They discuss the latest changes in patterns and line of questions asked in recent years’ exam. 

We also invite Civil Services exam toppers who share their experiences with the students. They let the aspirants know their success story and inspire them how to create an excellent time management strategy and give them preparation tips to achieve their goals. Aspirants can ask questions to them to clarify their doubts and get inspiration to succeed in the IAS exam. Motivational speakers too are invited to this session to guide the aspirants to lay a solid foundation of their future esteemed career.

This open session proves to be the most beneficial and constructive part of preparation for the aspirants and it inspires them to be strong-willed, unflinching and unwavering against all the hindrances coming their way. The result achieved is the beginning of an inspirational success story that aspirants are able to create for themselves that will inspire others in future!