Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude has been added to Civil Service Examination (General Studies Paper IV) syllabus in the year 2013. Being a newly added subject, there is a lot of confusion and fear about it among the aspirants as they think that it is very hard to get good marks in this paper. There are some candidates who are of the view that this paper does not need any special preparation and they can get good marks in it just by writing some idealistic answers. Well, this is not a correct approach. No subject is easy especially when it is a part of the syllabus of the India’s toughest exam and it is not that difficult either if smart learning approach is applied to it.
In this paper, your aptitude and rational thinking is tested. Your decision-making ability in some particular real life incidents is put on test. There are many questions in this paper where you may be asked your reaction or decision in real life situation if you would have been there. Your answer will be evaluated on the basis of its clarity and simplicity. In other words, your ethical thinking will be scrutinized.
A Civil Servant is considered the most responsible and accountable person. He or she has to make many decisions related to a number of aspects of society and its people and the country at large during the tenure as a high level government officer. The marks in this paper show a candidate’s insight, proper introspection, moral obligation and ability to solve the problems in different segments of life that’s why it has been added in the syllabus and holds an important place in the syllabus.
As this subject is different than the other subjects, it requires different approach and different strategy. Preparation for Ethics paper goes beyond terms and theories. Preparing for this paper is like feeding on a daily dose of different current affairs, reading case studies, analyzing different happenings around you and relating them to your life, reading editorials, biographies of learned men and women etc.
Here at Empower IAS, our expert teachers segregate the syllabus in different section like Human Values, Moral Obligations and Ethical Dilemma etc. to cover each topic thoroughly. As this subject has almost all subjects combined in it like politics, philosophy, sociology so every topic will be taught by subject matter experts. Writing practice classes are organized from time to time to give a real time experience to the candidates. Online support is also available to clear the doubts anytime.


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Test Series

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